Accessbility Statement

We want to make this website and our services as accessible as possible to people of all levels of ability. Our goal is for to meet the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines recommended level of conformance for entire sites.

To do this, we have designed the site with a number of measures in mind. These include:

Design Elements
  • emphasis on color contrast and logical content structure order
  • made sure that pages are usable by a variety of input and output devices, such as keyboard navigation and screen readers
  • added a text equivalent to non-textual elements such as “alt text” for images or transcripts for videos

Coding to a Common Standard
  • Optimising the site for a wide range of browsers, desktop and mobile devices
  • Minimal use of JavaScript
  • Cascading stylesheets for all visual layout

Font Sizes

You can change the font size in your browser:

Internet Explorer: select ‘View’, then ‘Text size’, followed by your preferred size.

Safari: select ‘View’, then select either ‘Make text bigger’ or ‘Make text smaller’.

Chrome: At the top-right, Open Menu Next to ‘Zoom’, choose the zoom options that you want:

Firefox: At the top-right, Open Menu Next to ‘Zoom’, choose the zoom options that you want:


If you see anything we should correct, or have other suggestions on how we can continue improve the accessibility of our site, please contact us at


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