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Online and on-call for new business

Starting a new business needs laser-like focus on market, product, revenue and team.

Getting these right takes careful planning and a lot of energy. Every good business starts with a well-researched business plan, making sure that finance, product, audience, sales & marketing, operations and supply chain have all been thoroughly mapped out.

At Tecassa we’ve been through this process ourselves and with our clients. As digital technology specialists, we have some insights to share on setting up your IT infrastructure from the getgo.

Technology Setup Checklist

Start by running through the list below and decide what applies to your business. Feel free to drop us a line if you want to arrange a time to step through it together on the phone.

☑ Mobile phones
Will your team all bring their own devices to the party or will the business supply mobiles (and get a better group rate)? Will you want to bring across existing numbers without a waiting period?

☑ Business Internet
If the business will rely on any digital services, then make sure you build on the right foundations. Business internet offers service-level agreements not usually available on residential plans. These connections can scale with your business, providing security, speed and cost-efficiency as you grow.

☑ Business Applications & Email
Getting the right tools in place to manage operations is critical. Will documents and spreadsheets be important to your operation? Do you need email addresses for sales enquiries or finance notices, as well as your staff? Will you manage accounting on the back of an envelope, on spreadsheets or do you need a full accounting package?

☑ Collaboration Tools
Will your team need to work together on diagrams, designs or documents? How will work be shared with clients? How will you ensure the security of your client’s information?

☑ Specialist Software
Many businesses require specialist software. From Bloomberg trading terminals to inventory management, it pays to get a plan in place before getting started. How many users? Will you go cloud? How will backups and failovers work? How will it integrate into other systems? And what happens if something goes wrong?

☑ Team Communications
If you’re planning to build a team, how and when will they meet, talk & collaborate, particularly during unpredictable lockdown events? Do you need to integrate video communications into your everyday?

☑ Website
Establishing an online presence is essential for almost any new business. Will yours lead with educational content, allow online shopping or provide some specialist capabilities? How will it integrate with your social media and digital marketing plans?

☑ App Development
How could a mobile app drive better engagement with your customers, before and after a sale? Can you see an app becoming your core product or channel over time?

☑ 13/1300/1800 number
A dedicated number is a low-cost option to insulate your customers from inevitable changes as your organisation grows. Instead of a mobile number that may change or a mobile that has to be passed around, a dedicated number can be redirected as needed.

☑ Service Desk
How many customers calls do you expect? Will you need a way to manage and track these calls and customer requests, even drawing new insights from them for business?

Ready to Go

Tecassa has ready-to-go technology plans for new businesses. We’ll use the questions above to select the right plan for you. You can either implement your plan yourself or contact us to get things setup quickly.


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One Stop Shop

Tecassa brings together a comprehensive package of voice, internet, network and applications that can start small and scale with your business. We partner with Vocus and MNF Enterprise to offer a bundled mobile, voice-over-IP, internet and cloud package to suit small and medium business.

That’s one bill, 24/7 support, unlimited data and premium performance and reliability.


Your Technology Strategy

As part of your connectivity package, we work with you to produce a technology strategy paper, specific to your business plans, that will support your growth and operations for years.

Combine this with our software capabilities in apps, cloud and automation - and you've got a partner that can provide the foundations for your business success.

Contact us today for a conversation on your technology strategy.


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