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Capital Markets

New Connections

From selection through connectivity, training, testing and integration to controls, we know what it takes to deliver a new trading system.

We can assist in any or all stages of implementation:

  • Architecture, implementation plans & deployment
  • Analysis and creation of specifications
  • Conformance testing
  • Technical assessments in compliance and regulatory areas
  • Systems integration
  • Change management and training
  • Design of trading procedures




Trade Surveillance

Our consultants have gained on-the-ground experience in detection of common patterns of market abuse across multiple asset classes. We know which are the key vendors with real expertise and have designed effective models for sourcing, normalisation, aggregation and analysis of pre-trade, post-trade and rates data.

Contact us to talk about trade surveillance tools and strategies.


Clearing Connections

The Tecassa team has been involved in some of Australia’s largest back-office transformations of the last decade. We understand the challenges, risks and cost of change as well as the competitive advantages that efficient operations deliver.

Our capabilities include:

  • Strategy, roadmap & planning
  • Systems Selection
  • Process mapping
  • Technical assessments in compliance and regulatory areas
  • Systems integration
  • Change management and training
  • Data and User Migrations
  • Equities, ETOs, ETDs & FX

Whether you're a new entry into the Australian market, going overseas or looking for advice on streamlining your operations and technology choices, we offer the support you need.


Putting it all together

Capital markets systems are complex areas requiring specialist knowledge of traded products and market mechanisms as well as the technology that underpins them.

The Tecassa team's experience has been gained across investment banks, trading floors and international fintechs over many years and understand exactly what's needed to support your new systems, upgrades and replacements so that business can carry on.

Trading Protocols
Tecassa developers are well-steeped in the protocols that underlie the capital markets. We provide specifications, mappings and software relating to these protocols.

Our team has integrated, transformed and tested systems using:

  • FIX
  • SBE
  • ITCH
  • OUCH
  • TACO
  • HURL/ASN.1
  • Protobuf

Reconciliations & Controls
Capital markets businesses can't afford to get it wrong and every operation needs a reliable backstop.

Tecassa analysts have developed many inter-system reconciliations to provide businesses with the assurance that nothing's been missed. Our capabilities include:

  • Data control policy and strategy
  • Holistic system reconciliation design
  • Systems implementation and operationalisation
  • MIS setup


It's a process


Capacity Management

How long will your technology support the demands of business?

Our capacity management practice is dedicated to overcoming any surprising bottlenecks in your end-to-end architecture.

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