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Foundational Connectivity

Scalable and reliable internet connectivity is the foundation of a digital business – this is now a core service under-pinning almost every business.

Tecassa utilises the Vocus Internet Express delivered via the Vocus high-performance fibre network.

The highly connected nature of the Vocus network allows you to connect more directly to the content and applications your business needs. That means faster access to the content and less lag.


Why Tecassa and Vocus Internet Express?

  • Speeds from 250 to 1000 Mbps
  • Delivered over the Vocus high-performance fibre network
  • Super-fast, reliable, unlimited data
  • 24/7 local support – we’ve got your back
  • Comes with the option of Vocus DDoS Protection
  • 99.95% uptime SLA

Dark Fibre in Capital Markets

Combining Tecassa’s deep expertise in capital markets with Vocus top-tier connectivity, dark fibre provides fully dedicated, point-to-point fibre optic connections. This is ideal for FIX trading connectivity where reliability, redundancy and privacy are absolutely paramount.

Choose fibre for absolute confidence, security and control in direct links to your trading partners and data providers.


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Need more than internet?

Tecassa partners with Vocus and MNF Enterprise to offer a bundled mobile, voice-over-IP, internet and cloud package to suit small and medium business.

That’s one bill, 24/7 support, unlimited data and premium performance and reliability.

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Comprehensive managed protection

Australian organisations suffer network attacks constantly. A secure and well managed internet gateway is a key defence.

Why Vocus firewall-as-a-service?

Firewall-as-a-service components allow you flexibility to bundle an internet, firewall and cloud gateway option that's perfectly scaled to your business.

The Vocus managed firewall service is structured to be OpEx friendly, so there’s no need to sink significant capital into the initial setup or ongoing maintenance.

This innovative approach offers comprehensive protection for your business network, including:

  • Anti-Virus
  • Denial of Service (DoS)
  • Anti-malware
  • Web/content filtering
  • Secure remote access application control
  • Intrusion Detection/ Intrusion Prevention System (IDS / IPS)


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Key Features

Stand-out features of the Vocus firewall service include:

  • Pre-configured or customisable service options
  • SLA on standard service option 99.9%
  • Secure VPN for Remote Sites or Workers
  • High Availability options to support mission-critical redundancy
  • Managed or Unmanaged options


High-speed cloud links

Cloud Connectivity Challenges

As workloads move to the cloud providers like AWS, Azure, Google and IBM there is a huge increase in the data traffic between these providers and your business network. This introduces a whole new class of risk and costs to your operations.

Tecassa partners with Vocus so that you’re guaranteed your own private bandwidth from as little as 50Mbps up to 10Gbps that’s scalable in increments.


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Why use Cloud-Connect?

A cloud-connect is a dedicated network link between your cloud provider and the private network that serves your business. While public users might connect via regular internet, a cloud-connect brings critical benefits to a business.

Cloud providers charge for data traffic over the internet. Using a cloud connect means hooking into dedicated infrastructure and fibre that links their data centre to your site, reducing internet data traffic charges.

Cloud systems involve movement of large amounts of data, far greater than email or web-browsing traffic and often more time critical. A cloud-connect offers a dedicated channel for your cloud data so you avoid the potential for latency issues with your most critical data.

A cloud-connect link gives you a dedicated connection between your data centre and the cloud. As a result, it’s private and secure and your data no longer travels across the public internet.


Connect your organisation


A WAN or Wide-Area Network is a network connecting geographically separate locations. It links together all of your critical sites – branches, HQ, data centres, cloud sites and all internet or voice services.

Tecassa utilises the Vocus IP WAN to deliver either fully managed or self-managed services with a dedicated management portal, single billing model that scale from 2Mbps all the way to 1Gbps.

This means we can setup a secure, high-performance network that suits your exact business needs right now, and still has the flexibility to grow with your future vision.


Cloud connection diagram


When to use an IP WAN?

As your business scales to multiple physical sites, the Vocus IP WAN guarantees private bandwidth, security and fast inter-office connectivity to support your future ways of working.

The Vocus IP WAN suits medium to large sized organisations that need a managed network that can be scaled to handle addition of bandwidth-critical services.


It's a process


Stand Out Support

The Vocus IP WAN is backed by stringent Service-Level Agreements ("SLAs").

This means you always have a solid foundation to build upon as you scale.

Call us when you're ready to scale.


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