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Realise your vision

Tecassa integrates an innovative creativity with robust engineering discipline to produce outstanding solutions. We’ve applied our curiosity and project expertise to deliver everything from low-latency trading systems to mobile apps and government software – and always on schedule.

Our team has designed and delivered everything from chart-topping mobile apps to video-on-demand solutions to complex financial derivatives software. It all starts with an iterative, user-centric and creative process to develop a product vision. From there we turn the vision into architectures, user stories and implementation plans that give you an actionable path to success.


Welding the world together



Product Design
We see how it all fits together – our consultants work closely with you on-the-ground to define, refine and produce your vision

Lay the foundations of the future with intelligent and forward-looking groundwork.

Repeatable, automated and seamless pipelines to safely deliver changes time after time after time.

Software Engineering
Predictable and reliable development – software you can trust to a schedule you can rely upon

Quality Assurance
Independent and robust quality frameworks and professionals

Project Management
Our priority is a laser-focus on outcomes for our clients


Find your future way of working

New concepts are impacting work and workers every day. We identify 3 leading forces for change that continue to gather pace.

Technology advancements - Technology is rapidly changing the nature of jobs through automation, new skills and artificial intelligence.

Changing expectations - Customers and employees engage in seamless digital experiences every day. It’s the new norm.

Disruption and innovation - Buzzwords aside, new industry players continue to emerge faster than ever, forcing incumbents to appear uncompetitive if they cannot respond.

But moving into the digital world requires more than a website and a mobile app. A successful digital strategy brings together insight into both your customers and your employees’ existing digital touchpoints and your organisation’s important processes to extend your reach into the digital world.


It's a process


Approaching Digital Transformation

We start by understanding your organization, your customers and your employees.

Our process explores, measures and documents your existing systems and platforms, and their impact on achieving your strategic goals.

We next examine the efficiency, cost, risk and scalability and the regulatory demands under which you operate. We then step through every aspect of your solution with your leadership team to identify and prioritise opportunities.

Realisation of each opportunity is managed as a project within your transformation program, delivering your change in byte-sized steps – no risky multi-year projects.


Outcome-based uplift

Why Cloud Computing?

Cloud technologies provide cost, efficiency, scale and governance benefits to organisations both large and small, with no barriers to getting started quickly. Expenses become variable instead of capital, compliance is clear and security easier to manage.

Flexibility - Cloud hosting lets you change infrastructure quickly, paying only for what you use so you can scale up & down as needed.

Business Continuity - Multi-site disaster recovery is built into our cloud designs from the get-go, ensuring a robust foundation for your business through thick and thin.

Cost Reduction - Giant economies of scale mean that most organisations reduce their overall IT costs when moving to the cloud, so they can re-focus IT budget on strategic initiatives.

Reduced Carbon Footprint - Only using the server-space you need decreases your carbon footprint. Cloud computing results in at least 80% less energy consumption and carbon emission than using on-site servers.

Secure a distributed workforce - As we move towards hybrid work environments, moving seamlessly between the office, home and other places, cloud-based infrastructure makes it easier to access your services from anywhere, securely.

Enterprise sophistication - Cloud providers make the same tools to SME business as they do to large enterprise, making an incredible range of features like AI, transcription and translation and back-ups available immediately.


It's a process


Outcome-based Migration

Tecassa’s cloud engagement framework focuses on the outcomes for your organisation. We work with you to build a cloud adoption business case that will guarantee the ROI you need before we touch the technology.

This includes building a detailed understanding of the migration context, including:

  • Operational and economic goals
  • Organisational impact and benefits
  • Data sovereignty, governance and security
  • Cost estimates, investment horizon and migration ROI


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