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Integrated Communications

Streamline your fleet

To deliver an end-to-end technology solution to our clients, Tecassa works with MNF Enterprise to deliver corporate-owned mobile services including plans, roaming, devices and SIM admin.

Clients benefit from fleet mobile rates that reduce their costs, as well as a wide range of tablets and phones and the flexibility to change plan inclusions month-to-month.

How does this help you?

Increase bill transparency
Track your fleet mobile costs in the near real-time. Our self-service portal includes expense management tools to assist in reporting and budgeting.

Avoid IT headaches
Bring mobile service management in-house, without burdening IT. Our intuitive portal means services can be managed by non-technical staff.

Streamline roll-out
Batch order, assign, configure, ship and activate SIMs for hundreds of staff and devices. Our self-service portal simplifies mobile management.

Simplify service management
Still relying on an Account Manager for adds, moves and changes? Stop waiting. Our self-service portal gives you control of day-to-day admin.

Enforce corporate policies
Control how inclusions are used. Choose to restrict, cap or require approval for inclusions like roaming, extra data and international calling.


Always improving!


Need more than phones?

Tecassa partners with Vocus and MNF Enterprise to offer a bundled mobile, voice-over-IP, internet and cloud package to suit small and medium business.

That’s one bill, 24/7 support, unlimited data and premium performance and reliability.

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The Personal Touch

Tecassa provides first-class service, personal support and a holistic view of your organisation’s needs in every interaction. If you don’t see personal service from your current provider and they can’t help you optimise costs across your mobile fleet, then it’s time to find a partner that can.


Untapped data & insights
Regulatory challenges in capital markets

Almost all your company’s voice interactions with customers today are lost the moment the call ends. What could you do with this data?

Legacy call recording solutions don’t scale or translate well into increasingly hybrid work environments spanning mobile, home and office. Yet regulators are increasingly mandating completeness of records and awareness of what those records contain.

ASIC’s review of wholesale FX businesses at ANZ, CBA, NAB, Westpac and Macquarie included an extensive surveillance capability review of trade surveillance alerts, e-comms surveillance alerts and audio surveillance alerts.

Monthly manual spot checks of recordings just won’t cut it.



The Next Generation

Use AI to turn every conversation into data.

Instead of periodic manual reviews of a tiny sample of voice recordings, Tecassa partners with Dubber to deploy a cloud-hosted approach using AI to convert recordings to text and create insights, alerts and reporting crucial to compliance and performance.


Microsoft Teams Support

Dubber is certified for recording Microsoft Teams calls. This enables groups using Dubber to deploy Teams to regulated environments like trade floors or to record Teams calls for quality and training.



Welding the world together


Key Features

The Dubber platform is a leading digital call recording and analytics platform. Partnering with Tecassa to deliver brings the best solution to the table:

  • Unified call recording native to the service
  • Unlimited scale and storage with full data encryption
  • Record 100% of calls, from any device, on any device
  • AI-driven insights and alerts
  • Open API and data exporter – easily integrated with Enterprise Apps
  • Compliant Call Recording
  • Secure and compliant with global privacy and data sovereignty standards
  • Affordable and deployable with a click
  • Real-time search
  • Advanced notifications, alerts and more

Contact Tecassa for a demo or to learn more about how we implement the Dubber platform.


Make a personal connection

Microsoft Teams Calling

Many companies now share their employees’ ambitions for hybrid work environments, moving seamlessly between the office, home and other places, deepening connectivity and relationships with each other.

Seamless, multi-channel communication is a key tool in making this a reality. And while Microsoft Teams becomes a dominant desktop and mobile tool for communication and co-operation, nothing beats picking up the phone. What better than to enable phone calls to and from Teams, straight from the desktop?

Tecassa partners with MNF to deliver a comprehensive voice and collaboration capability for Office 365 users.


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Benefits of Teams Calling

Cost Effective
Unlock the full value of Office 365 E1/E3 or E5 licences. Enable the cloud calling and meeting features available as part of Microsoft Teams.

Simplified IT
Eliminate the complexity of managing a PSTN link. Pure cloud, and managed from the O365 admin hub, it's easy to deploy, manage and scale. No need for a desk phone any more.

No-risk Migration
Don't risk downtime or delays. We work closely with you to migrate landline numbers and keep you connected as you journey to the cloud.

Seamless Adoption
Deliver a consistent and intuitive cloud calling experience that's built right into the Office 365 tools that your staff already know and trust.



We're with you all the way

Tecassa specialists support every step of your move to a communcations cloud. We offer consulting & design, deployment, management and around-the-clock support.

Contact us today for a conversation on your integrated communications strategy.


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