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Technology Management

Application support and maintenance.
De-risking legacy systems

Time, cost and resource constraints often prevent important work on simplification, consolidation and scalability of in-house applications.

Whether it’s developing features to enter new markets or find cost efficiencies, it can be hard to drive change for legacy applications. In some cases, application knowledge is even a closely guarded secret, creating a bottleneck for transformation.

Tecassa's application management platform mitigates these legacy risks:

Knowledge Management
Comprehensive review and documentation during onboarding

Delivery Automation
We automate the build and release of software to reduce cost of change

Incident, Problem, Change
Our ITIL v3 aligned processes support first-class management that scales to demand.

PAYG resourcing
Clients can tap into our large pool of developers, testers and analysts whenever change is needed without the overheads of managing a technology team.


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Specialist Capabilities

Leverage our experience in markets, cloud and start-ups.

Capital Markets
We have deep expertise in building low-latency, highly stable capital markets systems. Our experience covers:

  • Cash equities, F&O and FX markets
  • FIX Trading and Drop-copy
  • Reconciliations
  • Trade Reporting and Surveillance Analytics
  • Accounting, Clearing and Settlement (SWIFT & CHESS)

Cloud Migration
Use emerging digital technology to craft a new edge to old systems. As part of onboarding, Tecassa can migrate your software away from legacy infrastructure to latest cloud hosting to provide a new lease of life to applications.

We understand the pressures of start-ups and we like to help. Our PAYG application management platform can reduce your running costs and free up time while you focus attention and resources on growth.


Close the gap
What is capacity management?

Capacity management is about being sure that your systems have the ability to support a given volume of data or usage. It reduces under- or over-spending on IT systems and brings performance engineering practices into a commercial context.

A gap between the demands of a business and the capacity of its systems usually results in unfulfilled business or under-utilized equipment (read: wasted money). At worst, a lack of understanding of your system’s capacity will result in lost revenue and reputational impact due to outages. The goal of capacity management is to identify & minimize this gap.

As we move to cloud computing where physical resource management is often abstracted away and infinitely flexible, capacity management can be used to help manage costs and deployment models to enable efficient scaling.

To align your capacity management program to your business from the start, consider the following questions:

  • What is the capacity of your system – and how close are you to that right now?
  • Which of your systems would require investment to increase capacity?
  • How does your system’s business performance scale with your cloud-computing costs?


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    What is not capacity management?

    Capacity management requires a controlled approach. It is an entire, end-to-end process, a feedback loop. Any activity in isolation may be useful but if outside this loop, you’re not managing capacity – you’re just hoping for the best.

    Well-intentioned teams often perform the following activities under the banner of capacity management:

    • HA, load-balancing or failover design
    • Performance or load testing
    • Hardware sizing

    If any of these activities are already happening in your organisation it means you’ve already got a solid foundation to build upon as you develop a capacity management process. Tecassa can add the structure to cover the last mile.


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    Strategy and Roadmap

    Will your organisation buy or build? In-house or out-source? Off-shore or near-shore? Should your technology target entry into new markets or operational efficiencies? How will you industrialise, scale and disrupt?

    In an ocean of technology, Tecassa provides clients with clarity and direction. We take a customer-centric approach to developing end-to-end technology strategies that deliver real change for our clients, their staff and their bottom line.

    Tecassa brings together diverse capabilities to help your organisation navigate change, set the strategic direction and deliver sustainable successes. We create concrete and complete plans to deliver on the most complex transformations.


    Welding the world together


    How we work

    Tecassa’s engagement process helps clients to identify and prioritise IT objectives, facilitate decision making, action planning all the way to concrete project plans ready for implementation.

    Frame Challenges
    We engage your staff and leaders, use industry research and data trends to understand the context of your technology strategy.

    Business Alignment
    We ensure your tech strategy is aligned to the context of business plans. What does the next 12-36 months look like? The next 5-10 years? How should technology support that?

    Commitments and Obligations
    Existing commitments are layered in and all business obligations built into the plan.

    Target Operating Model
    Decisions are facilitated on resource allocation, capabilities, partners, people and products. We prepare governance, architecture, implementation and operating recommendations.

    With objectives, a target state, resource allocations and an implementation strategy in hand, we work with you to produce actionable roadmaps and project plans that are ready to go.



    Quiet Advice

    Our individual consultants have created and led product, operational and transformational strategic technology roadmaps for companies like Macquarie Group, Broadridge Australia, the NAB and Assetly.

    Contact us today for a conversation on your technology strategy.


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